Hoodoo Recovering from Late Season

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SISTERS, Ore. — Hoodoo Ski Resort is thankful for the more than two feet of new snow that fell this past week.

Mother Nature hasn’t been so gracious this season.┬áManagers say they were pulling snow out of trees and scooping up snow from any side of the slope they could in order finally open a couple of runs for their opening day–Feb. 7.┬áThis is the latest Hoodoo has opened in 76 years.

Still, only 80 percent of the terrain is open. But staff say they are thankful for their customers who are still making the trip to the Hoodoo hills. They are also hoping for great conditions come this weekend but are accepting the fact that there is not much they can do to make up for what they’ve lost.

“We’re hoping attendance hits 40 percent of average, so it’s not going to be very high. We know that. We’ve missed half the season and the busiest part of the season. So if we capture 40 percent of our normal business, we’ll be happy,” said Matthew McFarland, Hoodoo General Manager.

Guests who bought a season pass can either use it next season or return it for a full refund. The resort is also offering a late season pass. And, because of the lack of snow, Hoodoo has shorted its operating week. It will be open from Thursday to Sunday.

Managers say to look out for specials throughout the season. On Thursdays you can get lift tickets for $19.

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