Horse Removed From Flipped Trailer

HALSEY, Ore. —  A horse was removed from a flipped over trailer on Interstate 5 early Friday afternoon, after the trailer unhooked from its hitch and crashed.

Oregon State Police says 18-year-old Kyla Henninger of Eugene was driving northbound on I-5 in a pickup truck, and when she went over a bump in the road, the trailer detached from the truck and flipped over.

Responders from the Halsey-Shedd Rural Fire Department say the horse seemed uninjured.

However, the horse was trapped inside the trailer until firefighters could cut out a portion of the trailer.

“We got there and we tried to calm the horse,” said EMT / Firefighter Rio Espinosa of the Halsey-Shedd Rural Fire Department. “There was actually a bystander there that came by and ended up calming the horse, and then we had a veterinarian come and tranquilize the horse, and that took about thirty minutes before they got there.”

Espinosa says once the veterinarian tranquilized the horse, firefighters were able to cut the trailer in order to get the horse out.

“It was pretty successful,” Espinosa said. “The horse has no broken bones that we know of.”

Police say Henninger was cited for violating towing safety requirements.

Traffic was backed up for miles on Interstate 5 northbound.

State troopers wants to remind everyone to always properly latch any trailer before towing.

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