Horse Rescued from Old Well

EUGENE, Ore. — A coalition of emergency services rescued a horse in Goshen, after falling twice into an old well Tuesday Night.

The rescue required the services of firefighters in Goshen and crews from Dexter, Lowell, Pleasant Hill and Eugene.

The 27-year-old horse named Katie-Sue received only a few scratches and a dirty bottom from the event.

“At first, it was disbelief. Sometimes folks over exaggerate the emergency of the situation,” said Goshen Fire Chief David Wolting.

Goshen Fire District got the call around 8 p.m. Once there, it was clear they faced a serious situation.

“It was horrifying what we saw,” said Goshen Fire District PIO Denise Wolting.

“If we hadn’t taken action, this animal surely would have perished, in my opinion,” Chief Wolting said.

Katie-Sue fell through an old cement well on the property and was stuck for a few hours before anyone arrived.

“Her little head was sticking out and one shoulder and leg,” Denise Wolting said.

“We don’t deal with these things on a regular basis. It is definitely out of the ordinary…I’ve seen it before on national news stories, but here in Goshen, this is a first,” Chief Wolting said.

Life, as a horse rescued from abuse, has made Katie-Sue skittish, so a vet was called in to help.

Crews broke through the sides of the well and Katie-Sue helped to push herself out of the eight-foot well. Sighs of relief and silent cheers filled the night sky.

“I was really happy that it turned out to be a happy ending, taking the photographs and watching her come out. You don’t know what’s gonna happen, but it was a big relief, especially when the vet said she would have a full recovery,” Denise Wolting said.

Thanks to the efforts of these crews, Katie-Sue was back grazing the fields in no time.

Crews had to rescue Katie-Sue a second time a few hours later because in her exhausted state, she got stuck in a mud mire. It took about an hour to get her upright, but the vet says she is still due for a full recovery.

Rescue photos and video courtesy of Goshen Fire Department.

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