Hot September Weather Sticking Around

EUGENE, Ore. — With temperatures creeping near 90 degrees, Thursday is the going to be the hottest day of the week, but things aren’t going to cool down much.

We did get a late start to the summer this year and because of that, just about everyone we spoke with said they’re happy to see the sun stick around a little bit longer.

While the temperature will drop a bit as we head toward the weekend, it won’t cool off by much. Our weather team predicts temperatures will be in the mid-80s through next week and there’s no rain in sight.

It’s not just great weather outdoors, but great farming weather, too. Local farmers say the warmth is just what they need to get their crops perfectly ripe.

We also caught up with some long-time residents who said, while they’re glad that it’ll be nice for a little while longer, if it wasn’t, they’ve lived here long enough to know and accept the often unpredictable regional weather.

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