Hot Weather Brings Families Out

COTTAGE GROVE LAKE, Ore. — With temperatures in the mid-80s Sunday, people were out and about at Cottage Grove Lake for some fun in the sun. The lake was filled with boaters, kayakers and swimmers. There were plenty of people tanning on the dock as well.

“I like innertubing and hanging out with my family and friends,” said Kathleen Noll.

James French took his boat out of storage for some fun in the water.

“We went wakeboarding and swimming. Some surfers are out with surfboards. Just doing  it all,” French said.

The only thing not warm was the water. French said he had to wear his wetsuit because the water was freezing from the snowmelt. That still didn’t stop people from jumping in the lake. It was actually a good way to cool off because at one point, the temperature reached the nineties.

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