Hot Weather Not Letting Up

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The high temperatures have made it to the mid 90s every day since Sunday and it’s about to get even warmer.

Wednesday will be the last day before a thermal trough kicks in, bringing temperatures up even further. We’ll continue to see clear skies with high pressure overhead and a high of about 96 degrees in Eugene and 99 in Roseburg.  The coast will continue to experience the natural air conditioning from the Pacific which will keep highs in the mid 60s.

This ridge of high pressure will grow even stronger at the end of the week, but at the same time a thermal trough moves in from Northern California. This will not only bring up the warm air from California, but it will shift our winds from the east.

East winds in western Oregon mean only one thing…hot weather is on the way!  The air compresses as it slides down the west slopes of the Cascades, which will push us to near 100 degrees for both Thursday and Friday for the Valley and Umpqua Basin. The southern coast will see some of that air, bringing temperatures into the low 70s while the north coast will see more of it and will likely see 80s and possibly 90s.

This thermal trough will break down and move northeast Saturday. Cooler air will move in from the south, dropping temperatures about 10 degrees, but at the same time thunderstorms will begin to fire up. This will raise our fire danger even further. We will continue to stay more moderate though into early next week.

Have a great Wednesday and stay cool!

Meteorologist Melissa Frey
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