Hotel Proposed for Glenwood

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GLENWOOD, Ore. — More jobs could be coming to Lane County, thanks to a proposed hotel and conference center.

The vision is for a hotel and conference center along the riverbank in Glenwood.

The multi-million dollar center could come with hundreds of jobs and improve both Eugene and Springfield’s economies.

Four local developers are swooping in with the work in progress on the waterfront.

“It will be about 43 million, and that’s just the beginning,” said developer Gregg Vik.

The multi-million dollar investment would create a 150-room hotel with a conference center, plus a plan for a mixed income development down the road.

“After working on this for quite awhile, the various approvals are in pretty good shape. We still have some work yet to do on that. The funding is also in good shape,” Vik said.

If all goes well, initial groundbreaking could happen as early as this summer.

“We are looking at the potential of 250 jobs construction jobs that will help to build the facilities and then another 150 or so permanent jobs to the community,” said Christine Lundberg, Springfield Mayor.

Lundberg says this development will tie the Springfield and Eugene downtown together, helping both areas capitalize on growth.

“There will be an upsurge in development in both areas. We just have a bridge in between that downtown,” Lundberg said.

On Monday, the developers will go before the city to talk about the project. They say the only restraint is the reconstruction of Franklin Boulevard. They are reluctant to open a hotel before there is good access.

“I think it ought to be a center, a destination point for lots of people, not just jobs but also a place to be that’s fun, vibrant, colorful,” Vik said.

It’s a development immersed in nature with hopes of getting the economy flowing.

The Ramsey Waite Company will be in the center’s direct path, but developers say it won’t close. It’ll just have to relocate.

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  1. steve hatz says:

    Perhaps you should also look at the number of jobs that will be lost in the area due to the rerouting of Franklin Blvd to south of it’s existing location. Many businesses are going to lose large chunks of property and be forced to relocate elsewhere. Ramsey Waite will be gone as will Dari mart, Buy Two,U-Haul, A-American Buyers, and others in the area. In the interest of full disclosure and keeping with the spirit of good investigative reporting, shouldn’t your reporters look into this? Furthermore, what about the quality of employment that will be available at the Hotel/Conference Center? I bet most will be minimum wage paying jobs, with just a few managerial positions that pay a living wage. So let’s hear something about net jobs created after subtracting the number of displaced workers from the number of permanent new jobs created by this project. Construction employment doesn’t count…those are temporary jobs.

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