Hotel Scam Alert

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EUGENE, Ore. — As spring break wraps up Eugene police have a warning for travelers returning home, check your credit card statements. A scam targeting hotel guests is sweeping the nation and has made its way to Eugene. It’s the only known incident.

It starts with a call and ends in a traveler getting tricked out of their personal information.

Here’s how it works. The scam artist would call the front desk and ask to be transferred to a random hotel room. Once transferred, the scammer gets to work. He or she claims to be a hotel worker and is having trouble processing the guest’s credit card. They then ask for the guest’s card number and security code.

Tod Schneider, a crime prevention specialist for the Eugene Police Department said, “If they get you to fall for that, they have everything that they need to go online and use your credit card to make purchases.”

On Thursday, a front desk clerk in Eugene prevented that from happening. She got suspicious and called police. But traveler Joanne Barker says she can see how people can fall for the scam.

“I think a lot of people would give it away. I think people need to be educated never to give their credit card number to anyone phoning for any reason,” said Barker.

Police also advise going to the front desk and talking to someone in person. Variations of the scam have been seen around the country. Detectives say this serves as a reminder to be cautious when disclosing personal information.

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