Hotels Busy for Prefontaine Classic

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EUGENE, Ore. — Hotels and businesses in the Eugene-Springfield area are gearing up for a busy weekend as athletes from all around the world prepare to run in the Prefontaine Classic.

Starting Wednesday and Thursday, hotels around town will be filled with runners who are coming to Eugene to race.

Hotels managers say this race is just the start of a busy summer here in Tracktown U.S.A.

Rooms are already filling up for the NCAA Track and Field Championships and World Junior Championships in July.

And while these major running events mean big money for the hospitality industry, one hotel manager says they see the money spill into the local economy.

“It’s going to be a great june and july in eugene in the hotel business, which obviously means the malls will be doing the well, the restaurants should see a lot of impact, hopefully our wineries and many other microbreweries,” said George Rogers, general manager of Valley River Inn.

He says the track events actually bring more money into hotels, and the overall economy than most sporting events we typically see in Eugene. He says that’s because while a football game lasts a day. Some of these track events last an entire week.

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