House Bill Would Change Tanning Rules

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon is ranked fourth in the nation for its death rate from skin cancer.

That’s something that may come as a shock, but OHSU researchers say it’s because of a high use of tanning beds.

A new House bill is addressing that high skin cancer death rate. It would restrict anyone younger that 18 from using tanning devices, unless a doctor says it’s necessary.

Thirty-three other states have issued restrictions on tanning beds.


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  1. Postone says:

    I guess we need big government to tell us how we should protect our children. Even though these same people can’t budget their books, or save a dime for a rainy day and are arrogant, greedy and immoral!

    You knuckleheads on that hill need to mind your own business (worry about your own personal lives) and shut your mouths where my personal life is concerned!

  2. Cathy Teal says:

    Check out Tanningtruth.com people.

    Government being a nanny and the media being led by the nose by the deep pockets of sunscreen companies is a bad combo.

    Dermatologists offer UV services with much of the same equipment that tanning salons have, and they would be exempt from this law – just as they are exempt from the federal tan tax.

    In Oregon, the current law already requires parents to sign a form at tanning salons permitting their under 18 child to tan. The government must feel that parents aren’t doing their job well enough!

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