House Introduces Medical Marijuana Bill

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EUGENE, Ore. — Some Oregon lawmakers are teaming up with medical marijuana advocates.

Both sides want to improve the registry of medical pot in the state. They’ve introduced a bill in the House to do that.

Bill 3460 would take the current system with loop holes and make it safer and easier for patients to get the cannabis they need.

The bill would require the estimated 150 medical marijuana facilities in Oregon to seek a license from the state and for each facility’s owner to pass a background check.

Bill advocates say there’s too much gray area in the current system so the bill must get passed because the state’s largely unregulated medical marijuana system creates a surplus that drug traffickers exploit.

“They’ll take their money, and after four to six months they’ll either give them very little medicine or give them none,” said Cheryl Smith, Compassion Center Director.

Lawmakers say the registry would make it much safer for patients because there would be easier access to facilities that distribute the drug rather than the black market.

The first hearing on the bill was Monday. No one spoke against the bill.

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