House Involved in Fire Deemed Unlivable

W. 8th House FireEUGENE, Ore. — Investigators say the early morning house fire in Eugene was the result of someone setting fire to piles of debris in the basement.

Fire crews rushed to the home on the 900 block of W. 8th avenue shortly after 5 a.m. Investigators say it could have been worse if a passerby hadn’t noticed the smoke and called 911. Though people were rescued from the home, neighbors say it’s a troubled abandoned home.

Neighbor Jesse McDowells says, “We have to deal with them all the time making noise and up at two or three in the morning while we’re trying to sleep. So, there’s definitely a bunch of methamphetamine action and squatters living over there.”

Crews say the fire was contained to the basement. Investigators say due to squatters and not so much the fire, the house is now deemed unlivable and is expected to be boarded up Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

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