House Party Results in 23 Arrests

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Police arrested 23 people after a house party got out of control. The arrests happened after officers responded to a noise complaint near the University of Oregon campus.

Police arrived to the 1600 block of Alder Street to a house called “The Campbell Club” shortly after midnight Saturday. According to police reports, an officer on the scene was shoved from behind and surrounded by a group of people at the party. The Eugene Police Department sent more officers to the house in an attempt to resolve the altercation.

Officers said anytime someone physically resists with police, they are asking for trouble.

“When things start getting physical with the officers, it’s very, very dangerous for the officer. Very, very dangerous for the people in and around that area at that point in time,” said Sgt. David Knatt, Eugene Police.

After police got a search warrant, they entered the house and issued citations for prohibited noise, minor in possession of alcohol and resisting arrest. Of those cited, 14 were taken into custody.

Eugene Police say parties like this one were the motivation for putting the social host ordinance in place. They say the house has been on their radar for several years.

Some neighbors of the house who attended the party said they felt that police were overreacting to the noise complaint.


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  1. Michael LB says:

    You people are animals! You deserve to be arrested if you are shoving a cop around. Glad there were arrests!

  2. Joe says:

    Sgt. David Knatt says “It’s very, very dangerous for the people in and around that area at that point in time” when a single person chooses to put his or her hands on a police officer. He’s admitting that the police become violent animals to innocent people when 1 person out of a group that large makes a bad choice. Absolutely disgusting.

  3. Thomas says:

    The police repeatedly escalated the situation throughout the night. They tried to force their way into the house without a warrant, blocked off Alder Street with 10 police cars and a prisoner transport van, and broke down multiple doors of individuals living in the house. The warrant they obtained was for ‘sound equipment,’ but they searched the whole house before taking the P.A. system, sound board, a laptop, and a projector.
    The Campbell Club residents handed the situation very well. They asserted their rights, and kept people safe. Other supporters were present, filming cops to hold them accountable for their overreaction to the alleged noise violation, as well as their overuse of city resources.

    This was not a rowdy party. This was a perfectly normal Friday night. The Campbell Club did not cause this confrontation. The Eugene Police Department did.

  4. James SL says:

    Unfortunately the story from the cops has several blatant lies and they will be taken to court for it. Police came onto the property after a noise violation was filed. There was no warning given. They were told to stay off the property and to show a warrant but they began grabbing anyone they could and arrested them around the house. One officer even picked up and threw a chair. If someone did shove a cop it was not a party host but a random partier. Further, if the cops were ‘surrounded’ it was because people were trying to leave or walking between parties. Party hosts stayed on the porch or at the door the whole time to try to talk with the police. The first person arrested was not being confrontational, was asking a question, but without warning was suddenly grabbed, shoved to the ground scraping his face, and then paradoxically charged for resisting arrest when there was no resisting at all. This happened more than once. Following 2 or 3 hours of not allowing party hosts to leave, the cops secured a search warrant for the house to confiscate sound equipment and while at it kicked down all locked doors and randomly arrested half the house’s members without any reason given beyond the noise violation.
    The police used excessive force, lies, deceit, poor communication, and generally did not have any good reason to do what they did. A better way may have been to have given the party hosts an ultimatum to quiet down or be shut down, or even to just shut it down. 13 cop cars and 1 cop wagon were used, where it could have just have taken 1 cop in 1 cop car. This situation showed Eugene police’s true paranoia toward communication and love of force. It’s neither a good use of tax payer money nor is it helping keep people safe.

    -From someone who was there.

  5. Dave says:

    Confucius say: “When your ego gets so big that you think you can push around someone who carries a gun for a living, then you may soon find yourself pushing up daisies”.

  6. Postone says:

    Nothing like a little brave juice to make you stupid?

  7. Ben Dover says:

    Neighbors are the people who might complain, so invite them to your party. Great idea but you have to invite all of them. Not just the hippies.

  8. cooper says:

    Its hard to believe any resident of the campbell club would touch a police officer. This was an unlawful event, and I look forward to seeing the CLDC defend the rights of these students that were violated by the police.

  9. don jones says:

    Campbell house is ROTTEN ROTTEN ROTTEN neighbors. We’ve owned property adjacent to them for 30 years and they are disrespectful and trash our property. Its always a battle every year with the new batch of disrespectful hippies that show up and think everything is community property.

    I cheer when the police show up at that house and arrest as many people as possible.
    Keep up the good work EPD

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