Housing Prices Spike in Some Markets

EUGENE, Ore. — While housing prices remain low through much of the nation, some areas are actually seeing all-time highs in their markets.

Data from lender processing services show that more than a hundred metro areas saw prices peak this summer. While Eugene hasn’t seen that spike in prices, local realtors say that there is other good news.

“The one good thing that we’re seeing in our local market is the time that properties are on the market is definitely going down. That’s an indication that the market is hot and it’s producing more buyers. So that’s a really good sign. But we’re still not seeing values come up,” said Linda O’Bryant, President of Eugene Association of Realtors.

Data also show that housing prices are climbing all over the country, but the increase has been slow.

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  1. Miltina Scaife says:

    On the news last night you had a segment on real estate prices. How do I view the video for that news story? Where I am looking I can only see a written story, no video.


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