How LOW Does The Snow GO?

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Justin’s Tuesday Night Forecast Discussion: 

With the cold air spilling in behind the front, snow levels will also drop quickly from 4500 feet to 1000 feet by early Thursday. They’ll stay that low throughout the rest of the week.  Smaller disturbances roll in with the cold air so expect up to a foot of snow at the Passes and above. With low snow levels, any shower that turns heavy Wed. night through Friday may pull snow lines down to the valley floor at times. We’re not looking at accumulating snow but snow bursts and a light dusting overnights are not out of the question. Highs will also struggle to get out of the 30s by week’s end.

The models are now starting to get more confident in bringing another system riding along the cold air for Saturday. It’s location will have a HUGE impact on whether its rain or snow inland on Saturday night. There’s a chance this could be a good snowmaker for us IF it trends further inland. Unfortunately this will be a wait and see but we might be seeing some decent snow overnight into Sunday morning.

Next week, it appears that the ridge spilling storms into us moves closer and that’ll get us back to some nice sunny afternoons. Highs also appear to be on the rebound back into the mid to upper 40s.

Have a great Thursday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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