How to Avoid Travel Scams

EUGENE, Ore. – As vacation season begins, travelers are advised to be cautious about possible scams.

The Oregon Department of Justice says there are six warning signs to look out for to prevent becoming a victim of a scam.

Winning a free vacation, but having to pay fees first. A real company won’t ask for money to receive a prize.

The prize company wants a credit card number; they may say it’s for verification, taxes or other fees. A credit card number should never be given.

The call, text or email comes out of nowhere. Before doing business with any unknown company, check their history online here.

No specifics are provided. The more vague the promises, the less likely they’ll be true. Ask for specifics and get them in writing.

Pressure to sign up for a travel club for great deals on future vacations. The pressure to sign up or miss out is a sign to walk away.

Receive a robocall from a company. It’s illegal if the company hasn’t received written permission to call.

For more on travel scams, click here.

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