How to Get Rid of Election Signs

EUGENE, Ore. — Now that the election’s over, what’s going to happen with all those political signs?

The county says don’t just throw yours in the trash. Instead, you can recycle them at the Glenwood station through Dec. 8.

“There is a market for that corrugated plastic board so we do like to collect it, we do need it to be free of any other contaminants,” said Sarah Grimm, Lane County Recycling Manager.

Grimm says before you take your signs to the transfer station, get rid of any staples, tape, metal or wood posts attached to the sign.

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  1. Tim says:

    I feel that the people that placed the signs should also collect them! Not the property owners and renters. you wanted the word out who to vote for …now is the time to clean up your own mess!

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