How to Protect Car, Home in Hot Weather

thermostatMEDFORD, Ore. –  With temperatures pushing triple digits this week, technicians have tips to get your car and home ready for the hot weather.

When the temperatures heat up, most people automatically think about adjusting the thermostat or blasting the air conditioning in their car, which technicians say might not be the best idea when hot weather moves in.

When you are hot in your home, Mark Westermann with Southern Oregon Heating and Air said to pick a comfortable temperature to set your thermostat and leave it at that temperature.

Westermann said constantly adjusting the thermostat will actually make your air conditioning work harder and for longer and could cause it to break down.

He also recommends keeping doors and windows closed tight when air is on.

Josiah Higgs with Medford Automotive Service Center said the best thing for your car is to keep an eye on engine temperatures and make sure that coolants are filled and working properly. Also, when temperatures are high, Higgs recommends cracking windows in your car and parking in the shade. He also said to maintain good tire pressure, and if your car is overheating, slow down and turn the air down to put less stress on the engine.

Technicians from both places say the key to getting the most out of the systems is keeping them maintained throughout the year and not just when it gets hot.

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