How to Stay Safe When Out Drinking

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EUGENE, Ore. — Just a couple of days ago, University of Oregon Police reported an alleged drugging of a woman near campus. Now UOPD and bartenders are sharing tips on how to stay safe when going out to bars and parties.

With summer approaching, activities are going to pick up; more parties and more people at bars. That’s when those friends come in handy.

“Go with friends. Make sure that you’re keeping yourself under control and watch your friend’s back in any kind of situation. That’s going to apply to any social gathering and going to keep you and your friends safe,” said Hannah Mixon.

Mixon helps lead a campus campaign called, I-Host, which educates off-campus students on how to have safe parties.

Bartenders at the Wild Duck Cafe and UOPD, agree with Mixon when it comes to having strength in numbers, as well as being aware.

Although the drug is illegal, police say it’s still used so, they suggest keeping an eye on anything you consume.

“I always tell people to keep an eye on your drinks. Keep it in your hand. Keep it on your table. Make sure you have friends who know you and that you’re in a familiar place,” said bartender Brandon Smith.

“We advise people to control your beverage. Keep control of what you have and also don’t accept an open beverage from someone you don’t really know and trust,” said Kelly McIver, UOPD Spokesperson.

Smith says some common mistakes people make are:

“Being by themselves and leaving their drink on the table or possibly being at an outside table. And when you’re outside, you have people walking by all the time.”>

If you feel the symptoms such as feeling overly tired or sleepy or kind of an amplified feeling of intoxication like drinking a lot, but on steroids, McIver says to get medical attention right away, which is when having friends who look out for each other pays off.

“With the buddy system, you’re going to want to have that if you’re going to a bar, if you’re going to a party. Again watching your friend’s back and keeping yourself under control, all of those things apply to going to a bar or going to a party,” Nixon said.

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