Huge Crowd for UO Athletics Surplus Sale

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Eugene, Ore. — Thousands of duck fans were at the Moshofsky Center Saturday morning, but there wasn’t a game, it was the Annual UO Athletics Surplus Sale.

The crowd was huge, filled with people eager to get their hands on football jerseys, helmets, cleats, pads, not to mention basketball shoes and gear, and baseball equipment, really anything that the Athletic Department wasn’t looking to hold onto for next year.

We talked to one of the first people in line, and the first person to check out Saturday morning. He traveled from Seattle, Washington, and had been in line since Thursday afternoon.

“With all the hype, with Oregon and Nike, the affiliation, everybody wants them,” says Justin Dennis. “This is my first time here, so I came specifically for the shoes because I love the Nike shoes.”

Dennis says he heard the first person was in line at about noon on Wednesday. Last year, 3,000 people were at the Surplus Sale, and coordinators say this year, the crowd looked just as big.

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