Hundreds Attend Marijuana Conference

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference offers an opportunity for people to learn the business behind operating a marijuana dispensary.

Attendees listened to speakers talk about the growing industry. They also had the chance to hear from different vendors including those from marijuana dispensaries and labs that test the pot for mold and THC levels.

From those making tools for using cannabis to laboratories, everyone at the conference said their businesses have been at high demand since dispensaries started opening up around town.

“Our business has transformed a lot. Right now some of the rules that are required for laboratories are that we will follow valid testing methodologies, we have a quality system in place and we follow ISO guidelines,” said Rowshan Reordan, Green Leaf Lab owner.

“It’s hard to even keep up with demand right now, especially with the glass. We don’t even have enough glass blowers to produce these right now,’ said David Cox, Dr. Vape owner.

Speakers also talked about the medical advantages of using marijuana.

The conference continues Monday.

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