Hundreds Attend Scholarship Fair at LCC

lcc scholarship workshopEUGENE, Ore. — Rising tuition costs are a big stress for many incoming college students, which is why Lane Community College does what it can to inform people about scholarships and other forms of financial aid.

Saturday was LCC’s annual scholarship fair, “How to Pay for College in One Day.”

This year, the event was sponsored by Northwest Community Credit Union. With the funds to advertise, there was a big turnout. At least 300 students attended.

The goal is to help worried students feel more confident about paying for school.

“That was a big concern. How am I going to pay for this?” said former LCC student Tina Hunter. “I know I needed the added skills in order to get a better paying job, but how was I going to pay for this?”

Hunter says she had no idea about scholarship opportunities before the fair. After attending, she was able to graduate with almost zero debt.

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