Hundreds Begin to Clean Up Fairgrounds

EUGENE, Ore. — Organizers say after five full days of fun, clean-up is well under way Monday at the Lane County Fairgrounds.

Tear-down actually began as soon as the barn doors closed at 8:00 p.m. Sunday night, but staff say they still have a week’s worth of packing and sweeping ahead of them.

Organizers say the same staff that sticks it out all week–more than 100 pairs of hands–continues onto the clean-up efforts this week.

The carnival side has its own clean-up staff as well. In one night’s time, nearly all the rides have been folded and loaded up.

But for Lane County Fair staff, the next couple days are when deep cleaning begins, like powerwashing and sanitizing.

“By the time we get here, we’re all really tired, but we lean on each other. It’s another year–successful year–so we’re happy with the outcome, and now we’ll just start looking to next year already. We’ll start those conversations next week,” said Lane County Fair’s Marketing Director Rachel Bivins.

Organizers say the fairgrounds should be looking normal and all cleaned up come Friday.

No attendance numbers have been released yet, but organizers expect about the same type of turnout as past years.

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