Hundreds Get Free Flu and Tdap Shots

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EUGENE, Ore. —  Around 500 people took advantage of the Free Immunization Clinic Wednesday. Organizers said people started lining up around 10 a.m. at Lane Community College for free flu or Tdap shots.

The event ran from noon to 4 p.m. and was a chance for people to save some money and to protect themselves and others from getting sick.  Thanks to a significant donation by Trillium, those waiting to take a seat were able to save up to $80 bucks. People were also able to get free bus passes to and from the event courtesy of LTD.

More importantly, organizers said the benefits outweigh the side effects.

“The side effects are not as bad as getting some of the strains of flu that are out there, as well as pertussis. People don’t realize that pertussis or whooping cough lasts up to thirty days” said Jason Davis, Health & Human Services Spokesperson.

Vaccinations are still available for a relatively low cost, organizers say to just check with local drug stores.

The event was a result of the partnership between KEZI 9 news, Lane County Public Heath and Lane Community College.

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  1. Debi Farr says:

    Trillium Community Health Plan was proud to be a sponsor of the Immunization
    Event. It is important to us that we help improve the health of the community and partnering with Lane County Public Health is an effective way to do that.

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