Hundreds of Dogs Expected Sunday at Alton Baker Park

By Sean Cuellar

EUGENE, Ore. — Greenhill Humane Society is gettng ready for its biggest fundraiser of the year, Bark in the Park.

Organizers say the event at Alton Baker Sunday, May 20, generates about 7 percent of Greenhill’s budget in one day.¬† Greenhiill is hoping to raise $70,000.

Greenhill Humane Society helps about 2,000 unwanted dogs and cats each year giving them shelter, food and medical care.

“Every cat, every dog and rabbit is going to visit this room for surgery.to be spayed or neutered to be sure we are not contributing to pet overpopulation,” said Tuesday Scott, Community Outreach Assistant at Greenhill.

One-thousand dogs and their people are expected at Alton Baker Park for a 5K run and 2K walk in the park.

To register or donate, click here.

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