Hundreds Protest Against GMOs

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EUGENE, Ore. — People all around the country are protesting agriculture giant Monsanto Saturday, including hundreds of people here in Eugene.  Cheryl Levie and Charlotte Wilson traveled all the way from Jackson County to join the protest against genetically modified crops or GMOs. “I’ve been a registered nurse for over 30 years and I’ve seen a lot of changes in gastrointestinal issues and disorders. Celiac Disease has increased a fourfold, all kinds of suspected health issues,” said Levie.

They said the recent ban on GMOs in their southern Oregon county should pave the way for the rest of the state to follow. “Research has not been done, anyone that steps forward to do it they’re totally discredited by the community of corporate chemical companies,” said Levie.

The hundreds of people protesting said these GMOs and chemical corporations are responsible for safety and health problems to humans and bees. “It’s a relatively new phenomenon called colony collapse disorder which happens when you go to your hive, it’s booming there’s 80,000 100,000 bees they’re doing great and you come back two weeks later and all the bees are gone,” said Brett Dimond, beekeeper.

Aside from protesting these chemicals, the group is also working to get labels on all GMO products on grocery store shelves. “4.6 billion people woke up this morning with the right to know if there’s GMOs in their food or not and we think everyone in America and certainly everyone in Oregon has the same rights,” said Dimond.

In hopes Oregonians can eliminate GMOs from the food they eat. “There’s a lot of support here and we’re encouraging other people to take the same steps that we have,” said Levie.

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  1. Jaded says:

    Is the president of Monsanto still the secretary of Agriculture like he was during the Bush years?

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