Hundreds Turn Out to March for Babies

march for babies!
EUGENE, Ore. — People in Eugene joined more than 1,500 other communities around the country Saturday, taking part in the annual March for Babies.

Coordinators with the March of Dimes say more than 400 people showed up at Alton Baker Park Saturday morning for the 10k and 3k walks.

The mission of the nonprofit is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth-defects, infant mortality and premature birth. The March for Babies is their biggest fundraiser, bringing in more than a million dollars nationwide.

Coordinators say they get a lot of support from people who have had to rely on services made possible through the March of Dimes.

“They have somehow been touched by premature birth,” says Aimee Corey, the Southern Oregon Division Director of March of Dimes. “Whether it be their own child, niece or nephew, and the March of Dimes has played a large role in those little ones that are born premature, to be here with us today.”

The March for Dimes started in 1970, making it the first and oldest nationwide charitable walking event.

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