Hundreds Walk It Off For Kidsports

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EUGENE, Ore. – The Centers For Disease Control recommends kids get about an hour of physical activity a day and adults about 2.5 hours a week.

Hundreds of people were well on their way to meeting that quota Wednesday, raising money for youth sports at the same time.

The O’Brien family is what you call an active family. Both of the O’Brien kids play a number of sports including flag football and soccer.

The O’Briens participate in those sports because of Kidsports, a non profit organization in the community which offers youth sports programs.

“The need for children to have a chance to play and be a part of something that is a little bit bigger than themselves is so important,” said Kidsports Executive Director Bev Smith.

That’s why the O’Briens and hundreds of other people in Eugene laced up their shoes and latched on their helmets to walk, bike and run at Alton Baker Park For Walk It Off Wednesday.

Each mile equals $1 that PacificSource donates to the Kidsports Scholarship Tuition Fund.

“I was telling my kids we are going to bike as much as we can and get money for Kidsports,” said Balli Notre, a Eugene resident.

“Our whole goal is promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles and this is a big part in doing that. This is not only helping people get fit and well, but it’s about helping the community a little bit,” said PacificSource Marketing Coordinator Kenny Weigandt.

“For a kid not to be able to play because they can’t afford it, that’s its not right,” said Eugene resident Tash O’Brien.

Last year Kidsports says it helped more than 4,000 kids with about $225,000 in scholarship tuition. “It’s based on the free lunch program if you’re eligible for free lunch you get a 66% reduction in the registration fee and reduced lunch 33% reduction.” said Smith.

And for the kids not being able to play? One young girl told us it would quote be “terrible.”  It seems as long as there’s people willing to walking it off, it won’t be happening in this community.

At last check upwards of 400 people participated. Many walked more than a mile so PacificSource likely met its $2,000 goal.

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