Hunt for Kidnapping Suspect

SWEET HOME, Ore. — Linn County sheriff’s deputies need your help to track down a kidnapping suspect.

Investigators say the victim went to Daniel Schroeder’s home on Friday, but he attacked her and held her against her will until Sunday morning.

She says she sneaked out while he was asleep.

Deputies served a search warrant at Schroeder’s home but couldn’t find him. They think he’s armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees him is advised to call 911.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Omg what is wrong with people, the old dude obviously using these homeless ones to help in whatever wrong doing he needed assist in, they all know better! Sick of stupid, drugged out people get a “real” life all of you ask “GOD” to forgive or its too late to save your sorry behinds.

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