Hurricane Sandy Causes Travel Delays

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EUGENE, Ore — Thousands of flights in the forecast path of Hurricane Sandy have been cancelled, rerouting jet-setters across the globe, including people in Eugene.

People traveling to the East Coast from the Eugene International Airport have been notified that they’ll need change their plans. Planes are still flying out of the Eugene, but travelers with connecting flights will most likely be stranded during their layover.

Airline managers and travel agents say they’ve had to do some re-accomadating the past few days.

Peak Travel Group out of Eugene has been helping their customers all over the Northwest. Agents have been alerting travelers in advance and take advantage of the airlines’ waived service fees during this time.

“Eugene clients yes, are effected; but you know if you are doing West Coast travel, you are fine right now, that’s not too much of an issue. But it’s reaching out to those corporate travelers, those road warriors,” said Vivienne Kouba, president of Peak Travel Group Northwest.

More than 12,000 flights have been cancelled nationwide, including ones to and from New York’s airports. New York airports make up a quarter of the flights in the US each day, so cancellations there have greatly influenced travel in other cities.

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