Highway 20 Paving Project Under Way

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LEBANON, Ore. — Busy Highway 20 in Lebanon is about to get a lot busier. A paving project is under way, so ODOT is sending out the warning: prepare for traffic and restrictions.

Crews are removing and replacing asphalt on a four-mile stretch from the Albany and Eastern Railroad tracks to the intersection of Crowfoot Road and Weirich Drive. ODOT says most of the work will be done at night, between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. During that time, only one lane will be open in both directions, so expect delays up to 20 minutes and limited access to businesses.

“Some of the accesses to businesses late at night may be closed or there may be a flagger there located to help control traffic in and out,” said ODOT Spokesman Rick Little.

Parking won’t be allowed where paving is taking place and vehicles will be towed. The main message here for drivers is to be prepared.

“Drive slowly, reduce speed, be flexible, be patient,” said Little.

Crews will keep lanes open during Memorial Day weekend and the Lebanon Strawberry Festival. They expect to complete the paving project by the end of the month.

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