Ice and Snow Emergency In Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — The snow is still thick and the roads are still slick. City crews in Eugene expect tomorrow’s commute to look much like today’s.

The city is still under an ice and snow warning tonight because of the cold temperatures and layers of ice and packed snow frozen to the pavement.

Public works says the roads are still drivable and they’re working day and night to keep them safe.

While the roads are icy and many residents are choosing not to travel on the streets, one little resident did.

“This is his first snow day so he’s all bundled up and we decided to go for a walk,” said Holly Coontz.

Nine-week-old, Rider, was traveling by sled, his mom and grandma leading the way. Instead of driving somewhere, his family is choosing to spend some quality time instead.

“We made beans and cornbread and ham and we’re taking the grandkids sledding up on the mountain,” said Rebecca Bullock.

Coontz and Bullock both say the ice has made traveling difficult and judging by the road conditions, Eugene public works agrees but they’re working hard to make it safe.

“Out here is packed ice and snow with gravel for some traction. We’ll put more sand down for tracking but people will have to accept packed ice and snow as the traveling surface and be careful if they choose to drive it,” said Eric Jones with public works.

Jones with public works says crews have used more than 500 cubic yards of sand since Friday.

“Drive slowly. You can’t see the lane markings so people can’t really tell where the turn lanes are so, you have to be really forgiving of the other drivers,” said Jones.

He says roads are still drivable for those that need to travel but the city is still under an ice and snow emergency.

“One of the provisions of that is that it doesn’t permit people to park on our priority snow routes,” said Jones.

He says parking isn’t permitted on the priority routes so plows can get through.

They have eleven crews working and the emergency will be monitored daily and lifted when appropriate.

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