Ice Cream Parlor Hosts NYE Family Event

EUGENE, Ore. — If you’re looking for a fun place to go with the kids on New Year’s Eve, you can head down to Red Wagon Creamery.

The ice cream parlor in downtown Eugene is hosting a family-friendly New Year’s Eve event from 8-10 p.m. There will be crafts for kids, and drinks available for the older crowd.

Organizers say New Year’s Eve is often geared towards adults, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

“Certainly people my age, now that you have kids, you begin to realize that the way that you celebrate holidays need to change so that you can make it more of a family involved event, and that’s what we’re trying to do,” said Stuart Phillips, Red Wagon Creamery Owner.

The event costs $10 for kids and $15 for adults. That includes a custom grilled cheese sandwich, a side, a scoop of ice cream and sparkling juice or wine.

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