Icy, Freezing Rain To Start The Warmup

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Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton‘s Daily Forecast Discussion: 

Temperatures in downtown Eugene finally moved above freezing today, however, the freezing fog near the airport kept the trend of 6 days below 32 degrees going, only getting to 29 this afternoon. Some of the ice and snow on area roads melted today however, with temps falling quickly tonight, we’ll see a lot of those roads ice back over ensuring a slippery go tonight and Thursday morning. Lows will settle down into the low 20s downtown, mid to low teens in rural areas.

A cold front will finally spell the end of the icy weather for Western Oregon but not before a chance for the central and southern valley locations to see some brief periods of freezing rain when the first wave hits around lunchtime. Because of the snowpack and ice on the ground, it’ll serve to keep temperatures below freezing initially, so any rain that falls will likely stick to the frozen surfaces. We’re not expecting much accumulation of ice, but it might make traveling very slippery in the early afternoon. Temperatures will finally start to moderate later in the day, staying above freezing in the mid 30s all through the night.  Passes and the Cascades will see a couple of inches of snow by Friday morning.

Friday the warmer air will take hold and push highs back into the upper 30s and low 40s with some spotty rain showers. By the weekend, its back to a more seasonal forecast, highs in the 40s and low 50s and showers on and off.

Have a great Thursday!

– Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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