Idaho Governor Wins Republican Primary

Idaho governor debateBOISE, Idaho — Idaho’s biker candidate for governor may have stolen the show during the primary campaign, but he didn’t win the race.

Two-term governor Butch Otter came out on top in the Republican primary. He narrowly beat out tea party challenger State Senator Russ Fulcher for the victory.

During a debate last week, another candidate, Harley Brown, the one in biker gear, labeled Otter a “cowboy” and Fulcher the “normal guy.”

“When you have your choice folks: a cowboy, a curmudgeon, a biker, or a normal guy, take your pick. Thank you very much. We’re leaving it up to you,” said Harley Brown, (R) former Idaho governor candidate.

In November’s election, Otter will now face off against Democrat A.J. Balukoff, a businessman and Boise School Board chairman.

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