Illegal Burning Could Cost You

6-11 ODFSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Although Wednesday kicks off the start of fire season in Douglas County on DFPA lands, fire season is still not under way on ODF protected lands.

On Monday, the burn ban in Lane County begins, meaning home owners could rack up hefty fines for illegal burning.

Once fire season starts, the use of exploding targets and sky lanterns are also illegal. Those who violate this new law could face hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines.

“The fines for those on ODF protected lands, it’s a presumptive fine of $435. For the first offense on federal lands, including BLM lands, those fines can be upwards of $5,000,” said Brian Dally, Wildland Fire Supervisor.

There’s no set day for when fire season will begin, but ODF expects it’ll start during the next few weeks.

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