Illegal Fireworks Turn-in Results

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police are gearing up for a busy Fourth of July.

Illegal fireworks remain a focus, even after hosting a turn-in event on Saturday.

Eugene police say 18 people turned in about 200 pounds of illegal fireworks on Saturday. They say although that’s a respectable amount, they believe it’s safe to assume there’s still a lot more out there.

Officers collected a variety of illegal fireworks from Roman candles to rockets. Police say this was the first year they had a turn-in like that, so they went in not knowing what to expect, but say they’re glad to see some people took advantage of it.

As for next year, Lt. Scott Fellman with EPD says they’ll make that call later.

“It’s really too soon to tell. We’ll know more after this Fourth of July when we look at the call for service data and we take a look at the arrest information, and see what the problem has been this year. Then we’ll make decisions about what to do next year,” Lt. Fellman said.

A vendor KEZI 9 News spoke to earlier said a turn-in like this is beneficial because people aren’t breaking the law, and the money spent on legal fireworks stay local.

Lt. Fellman says if you still have illegal fireworks, you can call EPD to set up a time to drop off.

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  1. Damond Morris says:

    Nearly HALF of all injuries associated with fireworks are from sparklers, according to the “Fireworks Annual Report” by the consumer product safety commission. Children under 15 account for 40 percent of the injuries, although the safety warnings on all fireworks clearly state they are not to be used by children.


    Fireworks are part of the celebration of Independence Day, and among the millions of fireworks sold nationwide a very small number of people (just over one thousand) are hurt each year. Considering the risk and the age of those using fireworks, perhaps the risk is worth the joy in a child’s eyes as they use their sparkler to spell their name and enjoy the neighborhood display.

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