In the Garden: Amending Clay Soil

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EUGENE, Ore. — Every great garden needs great soil, and if your soil is heavy with clay, don’t worry.¬†We have some tips from Johnson Brothers Greenhouses on how you can start fresh this season in the garden.

One thing that lot of people forget about is here in the Northwest we’ve got a lot of clay soil.

There are a couple of problems with it. It doesn’t drain very well, and when it dries out, it kind of suffocates the roots. Roots need air.

You can fix the problem by adding a soil-building compost. It’s just a nice amendment you can topsoil with and plant in. It’s full of lots of bark and micronutrients. It basically helps aerate and helps get drainage into that clay soil.

In a planter, you can mix it in. You can put it at the top. It has all kinds of nutrients that are going to attract things like earthworms and other bugs that will actually create air holes and further create drainage into your clay soil.

For plants already established in the garden, compost is great. You can just take you plants and just topcoat them around one to two inches on top. That’s going to break down, break into the clay, and attract bugs, like earthworms and other micronutrient bugs, microbacterias that are going to aerate that soil as well.

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