In the Garden: Beneficial Insects

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EUGENE, Ore. — Everyone wants the good bugs in their garden, and there is a difference between the good and the bad.

Bees are good for your garden, but there are also great beneficial bugs, like lady bugs, lacewings and hoverflies.

They will come to the garden if you plant the right plants. The reason you want them to come is to pollinate and to take care of those bad bugs that you have got in your garden. So overall, it’s a huge benefit to have these bugs in your yard.

For plants, there are fantastic classics like yarrow, parsley, elysium, cosmos, sweet woodruff, marigolds, mint and dill that attract good insects.

You can also buy lady bugs. If you do, you want to release them on a cool, wet morning, so they stick around a little bit longer. And if you have some of the plants mentioned above that they’re attracted to, they’ll start to take care of those bad pest problems that you have in your yard that you don’t even know about.

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