In the Garden: Bulb Basics

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EUGENE, Ore. — Fall is the time to plant bulbs that will bloom and flower next spring.

If you like the look of tulips and daffodils popping up in early spring, you’ll want to make sure to plant those bulbs now. It’s best to plant bulbs between September and November for best results. A lot of bulbs lose their viability by December when it’s too cold and they’ve sat out too long.

Also, bulbs have a pointy end, which you want to make sure if up when you plant them. And you want to make sure the bulbs are firm and healthy looking, not rotten or soft. If you pull out some of those, you’ll have better success when they bloom.

You also want to plant bulbs five to eight inches below soil and really well-drained potting soil or yard mix. If your bulbs get too wet, they’ll actually rot out underneath the soil and they won’t come up.

The other thing you’ll want to think about doing is planting your bulbs in clusters really close together. When they actually bloom, it will look more full and give you a better looking effect in your yard.

You can also plant bulbs, like garlic and onion, which you can harvest in early spring.

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