In the Garden: Butterfly Bushes

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Butterfly bushes are beautiful, but they’ve been banned in the Northwest because of their invasive nature. ┬áCaleb Johnson from Johnson Brothers’ Greenhouses shows us some great alternatives to attract butterflies in this week’s In the Garden.

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  1. Amy Boissevain says:

    Yes,the ‘butterfly bush’ (Buddleia) can be invasive. However, it also feeds the hummingbirds and honey bees. I pull up the volunteers. The yellow Buddleia globosa is less invasive, but hard to find at plant nurseries. What I want you to know that there is another plant known as ‘butterfly bush’. The Latin name is Asclepias. (sp?) It is a member of the milkweed family, which feeds the amazing Monarch butterflies. I think it is an annual, and not invasive. If you do another piece about this, maybe you could this info. I’m wondering if they sell the Asclepias at Johnson Bros.? Great article. Thanks.

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