In the Garden: Culinary Herbs

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EUGENE, Ore. — Lavender, rosemary and thyme–these are herbs that many people will grow and use in their kitchens right now. But there are four other herbs that you can grow and add some real “wow” to your food.

One fun herb is lemon verbena. It gets a nice woody stalk, but you actually harvest the leaves. It adds a great lemon flavor to a fish or poultry dish, or you could flavor some sort of beverage with it.

Another herb is called salad burnet. It looks like cilantro, but it has a real nutty kind of cucumber taste to it. You can really change a salad by throwing in some of this.

An herb that’s used in Asian cuisine is lemongrass. It will get quite large, is easy to grow and you just harvest the stalk. It has a garlic kind of chili flavor. It’s great to add in with soup or any kind of Asian cuisine.

Caleb Johnson at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses says he’s been growing sorrel this year. It has kind of a bright green spinach-like leaf. It has a green apple taste to it. He says it’s really light and refreshing. He uses it in salads, or minces it and mixes it with green yogurt. It also brightens up a fish dish or a sauce.

The best things about these four green herbs are they’re good for you, easy to grow and they can add wow to your food.

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