In the Garden: Deer-Resistant Plants

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EUGENE, Ore. — Tired of the deer munching on your hard work in the garden?

Well, there are some plants that can survive a close encounter with wildlife.

For herb lovers, there’s rosemary and lavender. And for folks that like those bright summer colors, try echinacea, rudbeckia and gaillardia.

Some people like to have something a little more intricate, like clematis and wisteria, which are great for vining. They both really nice show piece plants for your yard.

Deer also like shrubs. So some deer-resistant choices might be Mexican orange, viburnums, rock rose and dogwoods.

If you want some real show-stoppers, try the black lace elderberry or the crocosmia, which is just getting ready to go into bloom. It’s great for hummingbirds because of its vibrant red flowers. And finally, you could plant pineapple guava, a little flair of the tropical for your yard.

Now remember, nothing is 100 percent deer-proof. It just depends on how hungry the deer are in your neighborhood.

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