In the Garden: Deer-resistant Plants

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EUGENE, Ore. — If you live in the Northwest, whether you’re in a rural area or the city, you may experience deer munching away at your landscape.

Deer-resistant plants in your garden can be pretty versatile. You can choose everything from different annual and perennial color to groundcovers to your more established trees and shrubs.

Let’s start with the color. Chrysanthemums, rudbeckia, delphinium, coreopsis, coriolis–all great bloomers–as well as salvia can add color pops in your yard. The deer tend to leave these all alone.

Next, there are groundcovers, like oregano, vinca, ajuga and campanella. They’re all different textures, some flower, and it’s a nice deer-resistant crop.

Finally, there are more established trees and shrubs for your yard. There are things like ferns, which come in different foliage colors, buddleia, daphne, and Mexican orange, which actually makes a great hedge and nice little white flower. There are also trees, like juniper, pines and cedar that are deer-resistant.

These are a sampling of some plants that have been proven over time to not be so tasty to the deer. So hopefully if you choose some of these and many others, you’ll be able to enjoy your landscape more than the deer do.

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