In the Garden: Gardens in Containers

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EUGENE, Ore. — Container gardening is a lot of fun, and you can grow more things than you think in a container.

It’s also great if you don’t have much space and want to bring a little nature to a storefront, patio, or a deck.

Some plants that grow well in containers are raspberry shortcake, a dwarf raspberry, and also a bountiful blueberry, which is a dwarf blueberry.

Also, you can always plant fun, annual color in a container and change it out every year.

Lemon trees and other citrus trees can make a great container pot as well.

For fruits and vegetables, you can grow things like peppers, tomatoes, squash and melons.

Your can also plant slow-growing trees and shrubs, like lemon cyprus, or even a Japanese plumb yew.

Remember, container gardens need good water, good soil, and plenty of fertilizer and amendments because the only nutrients that they’re going to get are the ones that you give them.

So no matter what kind of yard space you’ve got, you can always do some different and fun things in containers.

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