In the Garden: Grafted Tomatoes

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EUGENE, Ore. — For all you tomato lovers out there, there are tomato plants, and then there are grafted tomato plants.

This powerful plant is made up of a really tasty variety of a tomato and a really vigorous root system. The root system is extremely large, which means you get a bigger plant, more fruit and better disease resistance. You can also water less because the plant is able to find that water and nutrients in the soil more readily.

When you plant these, don’t bury the graft. If you do, it will actually root out from the grafted tomato, so you won’t get the root stalk if you bury the graft.

These plants produce more tomatoes than a  non-grafted tomato plant. Caleb Johnson of Johnson Brothers Greenhouses says one of his customers said he was able to get 42 pints of tomato sauce in one harvest just from one grafted tomato plant. You can harvest the tomatoes until about October.

These tomato plants do cost a little bit more, but the benefit of extra fruit that you’re going to receive is going to far outweigh that.

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