In the Garden: Native Plants

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EUGENE, Ore. — Whether you’re new to gardening or an experienced gardener, chances are you have some native plants to Oregon in your landscape.

Native plants are not only easy to grow, but they’re easy to care for since they’re natural habitat is right here.

One is called bleeding heart, which has great little flowers and fun foliage.

There’s also deer fern and sword fern–both evergreen and nice foliage plants.

Salal and rubis, or a bramble, are both great evergreen groundcovers. The salal gets little pink flowers in the spring.

Kinnikinnick, a very popular evergreen groundcover, gets a little red berry.

And then, of course, there’s Oregon grape, our state flower. It gets great fall color and nice little purple grapes on it that will form.

Last, there’s also a western red cedar, which is a great tree that you’ll find in Western Oregon as well.

There are many more native plants, but here are some fun options when planting native things in your landscape.

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