In the Garden: Planting Tomatoes

tomatoEUGENE, Ore. — It’s time to start planting your vegetables, and one of the most popular vegetables to plant is the tomato.

Before you plant, ask yourself what kind of tomato do you like? Do you want ones for salsa? Sauces? Cherry tomatoes? A really good slicer?

Then you want to plant it in the morning or the evening when it’s cool so you don’t stress the plant out. And always make sure you get a cage or a support so the plant doesn’t fall over when the plant sets its fruit.

Also, pinch the bottom branches off, which kind of forces the tomato to get a little bit higher so you don’t have tomato fruit on the ground. It also makes the stems stronger.

When it starts to set fruit buds, let it go dry in between watering. That will help it produce more fruit. The other thing you want to do is add some sort of calcium, like bone meal or lime so you don’t get mushy tomatoes. That’s in addition to fertilizer.

If you picked a nice tomato variety like bloody butcher (it’s an early variety), you could have a tomato in about 55 days.

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