In the Garden: Roses

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EUGENE, Ore. — Fresh cut roses from the garden are such a treat to have, but the truth is roses are susceptible to diseases.

Here are the three top things to look out for.

Number one is black spot. It makes the leaves look really ugly. It’s a fungus disease that can commonly attack roses. To get rid of it, remove the leaves that are really bad and remove the leaves that have fallen from the ground. Spray it with a copper spray or fungicide to get it under control.

Sometimes rose bushes can get a white, powdery substance on the leaves, especially when it’s been wet out. That’s powdery mildew, and you want to deal with that very quickly because it can spread fast and cause a lot of damage. So remove the leaves on the plant that are affected, clean up the leaves from the ground that have fallen, and make sure you definitely get a fungicide, like neem oil, on that plant.

Roses are also prone to pesky little aphids, the little green bugs. They eat the new growth and your pretty little blossoms and buds before they bloom out. Insecticidal soap or neem oil will take care of those and get your roses back to looking good.

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