In the Garden: Succession Planting

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EUGENE, Ore. — One and done–that’s the case of the tomato plant. But there are other plants that you can get multiple crops from during the growing season.

Lettuces and arugula are great. You harvest them about three or four times, and then you want to yank those and replant. Otherwise, you’ll be eating bitter lettuce and arugula.

You can plant lettuce from February to November, so you can get a lot of crops throughout the year.

Carrots, broccoli, and cabbage all can handle the cold temperatures, so you can actually stagger your planting so you’re not just harvesting all of your carrots and broccoli and cabbage in the fall.

Cilantro is kind of like lettuce. It will go to seed really fast, and so you need to pull them out and replant another one. Then there are beets. A lot of people harvest them for the greens and they eat the little small beats, so you can keep replanting.

So when your lettuce or your plants might start to wilt, pull it out and put in some new plants so you can keep eating fresh greens and vegetables all year round.

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